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Uggs in Australia

"Jumbo Ugg Boots" is a family-owned and operated business manufacturing ugg boots here in our home town of Melbourne, Australia. Since 1989 we have manufactured high-quality sheepskin footwear made from first grade double faced Australian Sheepskin. Known as ugg boots our range of footwear is durable, comfortable and retains heat extremely well, making them ideal for cold mornings or evenings.

High quality sheepskin Ugg Boots

Our high-quality sheepskin ugg boots are suitable for use in all weather conditions providing excellent insulation against the cold but also absorbing excessive moisture whilst letting your feet breathe in warmer months. The thick natural fleece on the inside of the boots moulds to the unique shape of your foot, once you put them on you will feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Jumbo Ugg boots are all washable and are suitable for everyone both young and old. Our unique and wide range of footwear includes: Men’s Boots, Women’s Boots, Fashion Boots, Kids Boots, Slippers and Moccasins. To ensure that everyone is able to afford a pair of one of our comfortable ugg boots we operate a factory outlet where you can have the chance to browse through hundreds of pairs of high-quality ugg boots and related footwear. To find out more about our range of outstanding sheepskin ugg boots and related footwear feel free to contact us today.

Australian sheepskin Ugg boots