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Mens Ugg Boots

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What we hear from our customers

Fantastic, May 24, 2012

By Sam

Dear JumboUgg, I did a lot of research before purchasing my JumboUggs. When I received my JumboUggs today it confirmed that my research paid off. Your boots are outstanding quality!!! I am very proud to own my JumboUggs that are authentic and actually made in Austrailia. The shipping process was seamless. I will recommend you to all my friends.

stylish and very comfy, August 11, 2012

By Kris

I 've been looking for a long time to find a pair of comfortable, simple but stylish boots. It was the first time I bought shoes on the Internet and I must say I was a bit sceptical but there was absolutely no reason for that. The boots arrived promptly, are exactly as I imagined and have been comfortable since the first minute I wore them. They have a kind of rough look with an elegant touch which make them different than most boots. For me they are perfect.

Excellent quality and in this case true to size., June 13, 2017

By Andrea

Delivered today. Wearing them now. I purchased size 8 for my 7.5 sized foot with a C wide fit. The top measurement of my calf on my leg is 17 inches or just over 43 centimetres. I have loosened the laces and tied them one notch from the top. I have plenty of wiggle room at the toes and may have even been able to go down to a size 7 but I am happy with my size 8 sheepskin boots. Walking is easy as they fit like a glove and its almost a 'barefoot experience' when walking. There is still room for a lightweight sock if I want to put that on my foot too but wearing them barefoot is nice as well. The quality is excellent.

Kylie, July 21, 2018

By Kylie

Great quality. Love the look. A little tight on the toes but I do have a wide foot. I find my feet slip forward a little in them so don't expect them to be as comfortable as a regular flat shoe, but they are classy and sexy little boots. I absolutely LOVE THEM!

Australian sheepskin Ugg boots