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Mens Ugg Boots

browse through our collection of mens ugg boots in a variety of styles and colours

Also Check Out Our Women - Boots - Australian Made Collection

What we hear from our customers

They are great, May 25, 2012

By Alexander Kuzmin

Hi... I 've just received my Jumbo Uggs, and they are great. They will keep my feet warm during Russian winter.

"Thank you Jumbo Uggs! Your service has been second to none! ", May 31, 2012

By Stefan Berry

Like a lot of Aussies I have been wearing Uggs since I was a small kid and so am well aware of the combination of comfort and warmth they offer; I am currently on my sixth pair which have so far lasted a remarkable eight years (although I think soon replacing them may become a necessity.) I now live in England and obviously here the need for warm footwear is rather more pressing than at home and so my Uggs have been invaluable in seeing me through harsher winters. My new girlfriend (who is English) had never heard of Uggs until she met me and often would eye them with ill concealed jealouy on cold evenings and would even go so far as to attempt to steal them from me despite their being several sizes too large which would cause her to fall over when attempting to walk (or more amusingly run) in them. Last Christmas despite the fact this would mean an end to the hilarity I had been afforded I decided a perfect gift would be her own pair of Uggs. I did a great deal of research and shopping around in both shops here and on the Internet. I decided in the end that there would be no substitue for authentic Australian models and arrived at the choice of Jumbo Uggs on the basis of the wide range available and competitive prices and that the model to go for were my personal favourites: the Classic Tall in my favourite Chestnut colour. I was apprehensive about the potential for things to go wrong when getting my purchase sent half way round the world so I spoke to the staff at Jumbo Uggs. I asked if they were sure that they could get the Uggs to me in time given that it was only a couple of weeks to Christmas by this point and secondly if since I could only give my best guess on the appropriate size without her trying anything on; would sending them back and getting another size be a problem if they turned out not to fit. On both questions I was assured with characteristic Aussie aplomb "No Worries. " When the day arrived and she took in the sight and intoxicatingly fresh smell of her very first pair of Uggs; the look on her face told me I had done a good thing. In addition they fit perfectly so further brownie points were earned. She wears them almost constantly now, claiming she was never experienced, let alone owned a more comfortable set of foowear and on occasion has even had to have them forcibly removed at bed times. So all I can say is: "Thank you Jumbo Uggs! Your service has been second to none! "

These wedge sheepskin boots are amazing, June 06, 2017

By Wendy

These wedge sheepskin boots are amazing they are comfortable warm unique and are a fashion statement,So many comments from friends asking where did you get those boots.Well made too Luv them.

Love these Slippers, June 06, 2018

By Dakotta

Love these, fantastic fit for my d width wide size 9 feet...Would buy again.

Australian sheepskin Ugg boots