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Jumbo Ugg Mens New Arrivals

browse through our collection of mens new jumbo ugg boots arrivals.

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What we hear from our customers

I love them!, May 22, 2012

By Kathryn

My boots arrived today and I love them!! I already have another pair picked out for myself and baby booties for 2 expectant friends! You will be pleased to know that I am spreading rave reviews about Jumbo Ugg across Northern Ohio. Thank you so much for such a great pair of boots!! Kathryn T., Ohio, United States

The Sherman Tank of Dress Shoes, August 11, 2012

By Sam

Overall, I can 't say enough good things about these shoes. They 've been with me across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Thailand, South America ... wherever I go, I take my Havana Joes as my Primary shoes, a pair of sneakers for heavy duty walking, and a pair of flip flops. In my Havana Joes, I feel that my feet are protected trekking across deserts and classy enough to sit down for a 5 course meal including dessert at most restaurants throughout the world. There are very few shoes out there that are this versatile and durable. Fantastic product. I 'm a big Indiana Jones fan and I just know that Dr. Jones wears Havana Joes both to lecture and on his world adventures and if the civilization ended tomorrow and somebody said, you can only take one pair of shoes, I 'd pick my Havana Joes --- because I know they 'd last for as long as I lived and would still look good.

Fantastically comfortable and warm!, June 07, 2013

By Victoria

So thrilled that they are so comfortable and warm. Easy to walk in with an excellent sole. Do yourself a favour and buy a pair. You won 't be sorry.

Le MUST have de cet hiver, January 31, 2016

By terhila

J ai acheté ces superbes bottes à Noel, depuis je ne les quitte plus tellement on est bien et elle sont si agréable, de belle qualité avec de belles finitions. Le MUST have de cet hiver, n' hésitez plus vous ne le regrettez pas!

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