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Australian Made Ugg Boots

Unlike other forms of famous footwear the ugg boot is a uniquely Australian invention. Throughout Australia’s history sheep have been tied to the economic development of the nation with their valuable wool and meat. First being manufactured in the early 20th century from the skin of sheep the ugg boot has since grown into a global cultural icon and representative of Australia. Growing in popularity the ugg boot is a must-have for tourists alongside other items including boomerangs and Vegemite.

To keep our product authentically Australian and at the same high standards we have always had our Jumbo ugg boots designed and manufactured from 100% Australian sheepskin and hand made in Australia, by local employees. For nearly 30 years our team has refined the design and manufacture of our unique ugg boots ensuring they are amongst Australia’s best ugg boots. Available in all sizes for maximum comfort and snuggly shaping and fitting to the shape of the wearer’s foot our boots and related foot wear are perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear.

If you are looking for long-lasting, comfortable, and Australian-made ugg boots your search is over thanks to the passionate and creative team at Jumbo Ugg Boots. To learn more about our history, commitment to our customer’s comfort, or anything else please feel free to call us today.

Australian sheepskin Ugg boots